Is this really going to happen?

           (his shirt says "just be glad I'm not your kid"..hahaha)

Well over the past couple days we have been dealing w/ a lot here. The other day my husband got a text from JJ saying he was coming to live w/ us. JJ's mom then called my husband to inform us that she thinks it would be better for JJ to live w/ his father at this point in his life. Even writing it sounds crazy to me. I cant believe it's really going to happen.

At 1st when my husband talked to JJ and explained that if he moved in, it would be permanent. JJ decided he would just stay at his moms. Well his mom said she would talk to him and the next day text'd us to let us know , yes he would be moving in w/ us. 

I've been working on getting all the papers together and getting him enrolled in school by us. He wont be attending the District school where we live but will be going to an Academy, w/ smaller class sizes, and most work is done on computers. I'm excited but at the same nervous or confused I'm not sure