The Ant Farm

While watching an infomercial for a "butterfly garden" JJ and I became very interested in having one. That hope was quickly torn down when John said " I'm not paying 30 bucks for butterflies." When I used to teach preschool I bought a ant farm w/ the hopes of teaching them unruly kids the concept of "working together"
I googled some things and  came across this site :

It doesn't explain EVERYTHING that you need to know when making your own though. 

We took a jar and it recommends you place a smaller object in the middle so the ants "work around the outside"

Had JJ dig some dirt in there and then we were on operation find the ants...

That's where the problem came in. I woke up this morning and the 3 ants I did catch were dead. So I went back to google and find out that ants have to be from the same Colony or they fight. I did not know this so then I had to start over.

This time I  followed the part of the directions where it says to find an ant hill.

So we started again...

and already the ants are hard at work!!