Convo's about God

Growing up I never had a certain religion I just believe in God. Not sure why I do, I just do.
My husband says God is not real and every time he does I cringe.

Me- " If God isn't real where did people come from"
John- " we grew from the organisms in the water cause they sat for so many years"

( picture this serious conversation)

Me- " well than where did water come from?"
John- " something happened in the Solar System and it made Earth"

( hard to believe were 2 educated

Me- "well than where did the Solar System come from"
John- "I don't know the answer to that one"

John- " when you die, your dead you don't go anywhere, and you don't visit (spirits) people"
Me- "then how come when people ALMOST die, they see the LIGHT"

( total quietness)

Me- " if our kids ask if God is real you tell them he is, you don't have to explain you just say yes!"

Is it bad that I would want him to lie against what he believes so my kids believe in God? And for the record I like to believe the people that have passed are looking over me.