Is It Bad?

 Sundays are pretty quiet in blog land so I figured I'd think of something so every Sunday I'll post "is it bad" and y'all can feel free to add your own =)


Is it bad that I wake up 2 hours before my kids so I can blog in pure silence?

Is it bad that I cant wait to leave my kids behind in Texas while the hubby and I go to Oklahoma?

Is it bad that I already have the kids and I packed and I still have 6 days to we leave?

Is it bad that I only cook when I need something to blog about?

Is it bad that I check my email, Facebook, Twitter, and Dashboard every hour and if I'm out and about I'm thinking about checking it?

Is it bad that I want to walk across the street and slap the shit out of the little punk that jams the bass in his car everyday during bed-time? Obviously he doesn't know I'm reading Elmo goes Potty and need to have Heavens full focus during this crucial time!!

Is it bad I'm my own toughest critic?

Is it bad I think I go to school for the wrong Major?

Is it bad I can look in the mirror all day and tell you what I don't like but in the same mirror sound super conceded?

Is it bad I try to suck everyone in to getting a blog or READING mine?

Is it bad that I wish my husband would get his ass up so I can finish blogging right now? Or is it bad I just let TJ fuss for 20 minutes so I could finish writing?