The Younger Version

I got this idea from Free2bMommy.

If you could go back in time and let the younger version of you know some things, what would they be? Growing up I was one to make a mom proud..(yea

(Look at the walls of my room!!! What was my mom thinking letting me do that?!?)

I thought I was a hottie and obviously was

So a few words of advice to the younger version of Crisc....

1. Your baggy jeans and short shirts did NOT, I repeat DID NOT look good, put some clothes on, people think you look like a slut.

2. That rude tough girl attitude blows. You'll never get anywhere in life acting like that.

3. Be nice to your mom, she'll eventually be the only one you have but after while things will look up again.

4. Quit dying your own hair. Orange is not the best look for you. Either pay someone or leave your hair alone.

5. Take your ass to class, I know it's boring and you think you don't need it , but you do and will spend the rest of your 20's trying to get back in school if you don't.

6. Get new friends, the ones you have are BAD. You will eventually become distant Facebook friends so quit wasting time on people who aren't going anywhere in life.

7. Less is more (when talking about make-up not clothes)