What I Meant To Say


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 What I said: Please dont get him something to big, he doesnt do well w/ sugar

What I meant to say: If you bring him back on a sugar high and he wakes the kids up,  I will run away and leave you here w/ them

What I said : Can you please not play w/ the drums

What I meant to say: If you hit the drum one more time, I will make you eat the sticks

What I said : He seems like a great guy

 What I meant to say: I'm sure he's just as great as all the other losers you date

What I said : I'm super busy can I call you back

What I meant to say: You have 1 to many problems for me to spend my day listening to them. 

What I said : Them shoes really don't go w/ that outfit

 What I meant to say: If you don't change them shoes I wont be taking you anywhere w/ me