What I meant to Say


First I will say that my mom is medicated due to nerve problems, heavily medicated. I give her our daily call cause we talk everyday or at least try to. Anyhow I call her and she's on the way to the Doctors so we had a few minutes to catch up. Mom says "when are you going to the Eminem Concert?"
I say "It's September 2nd at Comerica Park. We have pretty nice seats so I'm excited"
Mom says " You better not let people rush the stage"

I say " I don't think we will have to worry about that"

WHAT I MEANT TO SAY- Why would you even say that. It's Eminem not Rage Against The Machine. What if Detroit was really as crazy as you seem to think and did want to rush the stage. How the hell would I stop them?!? I'm not sure what kind of Concerts you went to but I never been to a Hip Hop Concert where someone was dumb enough to rush the stage. Here in Detroit w/ it being Rappers you'd probably be shot in the process.  So don't worry about us mom we wont be run over by outta control fans (or so I hope)