What I Meant To Say


I decided to venture out of my normal recipes and try to be Betty Crocker for the night.  Well I guess I didn't plan the whole "let's make a pie from scratch" thing out to well b/c it was more messy than delicious.
I go to make the pie (it was Chocolate-Marshmallow) and start  w/ making the crust when I notice the recipe calls for some Crisco. Well guess what, didn't have it so I found a new "healthy" one to try.

The pie is in the oven and it's not browning but I can smell it's done. I take it out, let it cool, and go to cut it. Well it was the hardest crust you could ever imagine. I cut Johns piece and

I say- I didn't give you any of the crust b/c it turned out bad

What I meant to say-  What the hell was goin through my head when I decided to make a pie. I cant cook for shit but now I'm ready for home-made pie making. Sorry John I didn't put crust on your plate cause it was so hard I could probably kill you w/ it. Who needs a weapon when you have my  pie crust. We would be better eating bark off the tree then eat that crap.

This was that hot mess the next day