Bryton Pick Review

I got the opportunity to do my 1st review of a product.


•   For situations when there is no time or place to floss / brush
•   Discreet and easy interdental cleaning after every meal
     •   Stylish - trendy colors and more socially acceptable design
   Reusable - recommended up to 30 days, less waste and environmental impact
•   Germ resistant - flexible and as floss thin stainless steel edges
     •   Portable - packaged in a credit card size carry-pouch
     •   Swarovski design – limited edition packaging

Great for:   Adults: on-the-go
Teens: stylish & cool
Teens: with braces
Seniors: easy to use

Well it didn't go so well.  No where on the package was there a warning. It said ages 10 and up but I'm not sure I would let my 10 yr old use it. 
Sticking the steal in my teeth was uncomfortable. I didn't like it at all. To make it worse somehow my tongue got in the way and I sliced it down the middle. ( I took a picture but it was bad so I wont post it)

BUT when I talked to a friend from California, living in Texas, she said these things are a HUGE hit. I guess if you do it right and stay clear of your gums or tongue then it would be a GREAT product. So many times I'm out in about and notice something in my teeth and never have anything to remove it. It comes in a cool carrying  case that fits in your wallet. I think it was a great concept just not the right fit for my clumsy ass 

* I was given a sample to review I was not paid in anyway. These opinions are 100% mine (obviously)