Diamond Earring Review

I'm on a roll this week with review, how exciting.

www.diamondearrings.org  is  giving away free simulated diamond earrings as part of a promotion for the site. All you pay is S&H of  $3.77 and mention them anywhere on the web ( Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc)

This is not a scam just a unique way of getting the word out about their new online jewelry company.

I was sent a free pair to try and I will say they are BEAUTIFUL. My ears are extremely sensitive to anything but pure gold but I haven't had any issues with these earrings. They come in Sterling Silver and come delivered in a felt box.

Right now they are simply doing the give away. Eventually they will be selling earrings and diamond earrings on the site. You cant beat a deal like this as I said before the earrings are FAB looking. ( They look EXACTLY like they do on the site)

**I plan on wearing them to the Eminem concert next week so be sure to check out  my post if you would like to see them on someone, hopefully I'm not robbed that night =)