What I Meant To Say- Convo's w/ a 2 year old


Heaven and I were playing w/ an opposite match game. She picked up the happy and sad face and said 

" he sad like me"

I asked her why she was sad and she said "cause this shirt" as she pointed to the shirt "I" picked out for her

* She likes to dress herself and it's always a fight, she'd live in Dora gear if I let her

Anyhow I said " well then we can take it off"

What I meant to say was- 

You should be sad over the clothes you pick out cause they never match. I'm the boss and I think you should wear it and leave the fashion up to me and worry about your ABC's . Your 2 were not supposed to be dealing w/ this till your at least 5

Heaven's picks

almost matches but Im not feelin it
at least she matched this one

She really loved the hat I had to hide it

For more pics of Heavens wonderful taste in clothes check her out here

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