Fawk You Friday

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It's been a good week so I have lots of FAWK you's to send out, to link up visit Boobies,Babies, and A Blog

1. Amazon-Where the hell is my package? Never did I picture me self being angry over Preschool Workbooks but hey everyone has somethin. right?

2. People that read my page and "think" they know me. You DON'T, not even a little so don't judge me before you do. Let me give you the reason first.

3. Mother Nature- I get that it's Michigan but work w/ me dammit. The hubby wont let me blast the heat yet so wakin up to 40 somethin degrees isnt cool.

4. My Mommy Dearest, that's right Mom you made the list. For the past 2 months you have said you were bringing the kids B-day gift over..Their birthdays were in APRIL and MAY!! Are you just waiting to next year? Thanks for the "no call/no show" yesterday, appreciated.

5. Teacher Supplies...Why the hell are you so pricey? Bullshit....