Fawk You Friday

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It's that day again, this week just flew by. Feel the need to bitch, complain, whine, vent, let somethin out, then check out Boobies to link up.

1. Fawk You cold that creeped up on me. If you even think bout gettin my husband sick I'm gonna be mad. No one likes a sick man.

2.  Fawk You the crazy Halloween bugs that have my house swarmed. UNCOOL not to mention my daughter thinks they are spiders and screams "LOOK MOM..MOM LOOK SPIDER" all morning.

3. Fawk You to the Muppet Baby movie playin in the background from 1984..

4. Fawk You to the White Castles I had for lunch..nuff said

5. Fawk You to people who buy the hot toys and sell them for more around Christmas. For the sake of everyone lets just hope I get a Lalaloopsy Doll and some Pillow Pets

6. Fawk You to the 1 reader I loose every time I link up w/ Boobies.
I have a disclaimer for a reason..next time try readin that before you add me.

Well that about sums it up this week, hope everyone has a great weekend =)

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