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I'm lucky enough to have a best friend. Someone who is there for me, who gets me, who I can confide everything in.

We've known each other since we were just four years-old, in preschool.  We're now in our thirties, married, and have kids. When I moved away last year, it was harder for me to leave her than it was for me to leave my extended family.
But, what seems unreal to me is that we went about thirteen years without talking. THIRTEEN YEARS.

We didn't have a fight. I went off to college and she stayed home to go to college. I can't for the life me now figure out why we didn't call each other or email(though email was something completely new to me at that point and was something off my school's server where you had to type in commands like "Read 3" or "Reply 1"). Or why we didn't get together over breaks.

I guess I figured she was happy down her own path and didn't need me any more.

Then enough time passed that it felt weird to call her.  I was worried that she would think it was strange for me to call or that she wouldn't care. My own insecurities coming through, I guess.
After college, I moved to another state, then another, then back to the first I'd moved to, then finally, back near home. Life was crazy. I'd hear through the grapevine(aaaaah, the days before facebook), a little about what she was doing. And I'd miss her- but again, I felt weird reaching out after all that time.

Then, one day, we happened to see each other in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office.  Made small talk, but then her boys were called back, then mine...and we didn't exchange any info. I felt so stupid about that.

A few more months passed and we found each other on facebook. Started "talking" on there.

Then, one day, I saw that she posted that she was taking her boys to the park. I quickly replied back, asking which one, and made plans to meet her there.

As our boys played together- her two being very close in age to my oldest two- we talked. And it wasn't weird at all. It was like no time had passed at all.

We found out that we went through some very similar things in our lives...things that it would have been nice to have someone who really understood to talk to at the time, if only we had known. And different struggles, too. Along with happy moments...moments we could have shared together....

We became inseparable after that. Many playdates with our kids and the occasional night out for us.

Until I had to move less than a year after seeing her in that peds office.

But, this time, we're trying very hard to keep that connection. Because I know that we're in each other's lives for good- that I'll never find another friend like her.

If you have a friend that you've lost touch with...what are you waiting for? Go find her again.

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