What I Meant To Say



While at the Em Concert some drunk kid decided he wanted to start jumping around like he was at Rage Against the Machine. Two minutes prior the man directly in front of us almost kicked the crap out of another kid for bumping in to him.

I told the dunk boy- " I wouldn't do that"

What I meant to say was " Are you out your damn mind. You must not be from around here cause your about to get whooped on if you bump in to the guy in front of us and lets face it I'm not tryin to jump out the way in these boots"


My husband and I are sitting on the couch and he randomly says " would you be mad if I bought you lingerie?"

I sat there w/ the stupid look before I replied " It depends"

What I meant to say was If your gonna buy me lingerie it better be something that fits me right, that last shit you picked out was made for someone w/ DD's not me"

Come to find out his shopping addiction has furthered and he bought me quite a few outfits and might I say all are GORGEOUS

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