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It's the weekend! With that said it's time to link up Boobies & Christy and have a free therapy session. ( You can use another button if you are feelin offended or sacred to post this one). Fawk is NOT a bad word so don't start gettin pissed if your a new follower, it's all in good fun and trust I think everyone needs a free vent ses.

Fawk You- cold and flu session, toddlers with runny noses are kinda gross.

Fawk You- to this hockey game, what the hell is goin on. Were down 2- nothin to Dallas. Disappointed. Correction I spoke to soon down 3- nothin now.

Fawk You- to the awful recipe I made today. I mean when I say awful, I mean the shit was AWFUL. I spit it in the sink to avoid getting sick.

Been a fulfilling week so that's all I got for that, now on to Crazy B and blog stalkin

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The point of this blog hop is to find other REAL readers, people who don't judge you, say what's on their mind and don't care about what other people may think of them. This isn't a "follow me/ I'll follow you type thing. Think about it, link up, and tell her Crisc sent you. Hope everyone has a great weekend and be safe

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