Saturday Six

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Linking up w/ Boobies and The Zombie Housewife bright and early on the weekend for some random Q&A about my bad sleep habit

How many hours per night/day do you sleep? 
Sometimes I have an hour nap during the afternoon cause I wake up at 4:30-5am. I don't get much sleep. I sleep maybe 5-6 hours at the most and have use take a sleep aid to do so. NyQuil is a must have in my house.

Night owl or morning person? 
Morning I guess, it's my only alone time

What do you wear to bed? 
Sweat pants and a wife B

Sleep crutches? (Sleep with a radio, fan, t.v. on? Have to have something particular in order to doze?) 
TV has to be turned down (Johns has to have it on) and the fan has to be on cause I have nightmares every night so I'll wake up in a pool of sweat. I also have to have my eye mask to block the light from Johns TV

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?
All the time! I wont share what dream caused me to wake up today but most dreams I'm in the hood w/ my kids runnin from gang members..crazy shit

Any strange stories about sleepwalking/talking or anything of that nature?
Nope I just snore during the few hours I do sleep =)