SpellQuizzer Review and Givaway

I had the wonderful opportunity to review SPELLQUIZZER.

What is SpellQuizzer?

SpellQuizzer is spelling software you can automate this process, taking up less time from both you and the student. Each week you input the child's spelling list into SpellQuizzer once.

Then the child uses the SpellQuizzer to practice his or her spelling words. SpellQuizzer plays back the words you recorded, waits for the student to type in the correct spelling, and lets the student know how he or she did.

One of the things I love is that it is GREAT for homeschoolers because:

Share spelling & vocabulary lists with other homeschoolers
Belong to a homeschool group or co-op? SpellQuizzer makes it easy to export your word lists to share with other SpellQuizzer users and to import lists other users have created. A group of homeschoolers who are working with the same curriculum can share their lists via email or make them available for download on the web. That way homeschool families can share their lists rather than each family having to create each list independently.

SpellQuizzer is ideal for...
  • Practicing the words in your homeschool curriculum. Just input the words used in your the spelling curriculum you are using and SpellQuizzer will help reinforce your child's lessons.
  • Preparing for spelling bees. You can create practice lists from the preparation materials provided by a spelling bee your child is entering. Also, we will be adding free, downloadable spelling lists for SpellQuizzer, complete with sound recordings, specifically for the purposes of spelling bee preparation soon. Watch our Downloadable Spelling Lists page for new lists soon.
  • Practicing the problem words that your child repeatedly misspells. Everyone has their own problem words that they have difficulty getting right. With SpellQuizzer you can create one or more custom lists of the words that your child struggles with. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect". SpellQuizzer makes practice easy.
  • Learning words that can not be sounded out phonetically. Dr. Edword William Dolch, PHD identified 315 "sight words" which can not be sounded out phonetically and therefore must be learned on sight. We have all 315 Dolch Sight Words (220 "service words" and 95 nouns) available in free download lists, organized by grade level, for SpellQuizzer at our Dolch Sight Words page. Just download the lists, import them into SpellQuizzer and you're all set. The lists come with pre-made sound recordings just for SpellQuizzer.

Even if you don't homechool this program can be very beneficial to your child. Over the weekend I used it for my 10 yr old step son who attends a public school as practice and in a couple days his spelling was picking up tremendously. I look forward to using it with Heaven soon.

You can visit
to check out some video demonstrations as well as a community forum.
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