Tips For Potty Training The Stubborn Child

Wednesday night I decided it was time for Heaven (2 1/2 years old) to start using the potty. I had introduced it to her before but it was never consistent on either of our parts. This time I'm not giving up and am determined to make it work. Buying diapers for 2 isn't the greatest.

UPDATE- In 1 week of following these steps, Heaven's stats were 43 pee's, 1 poop, and only 2 1/2 accidents and had 4 ALL DAY DRY DAYS

Update #2- Within one month Heaven was completely potty trained and uses the BIG potty instead of a potty chair. NO accidents!
Step 1

Variety- Each potty only cost $10.00 at Target when I bought them. Heaven has her choice of what one she wants to sit on. 

Location- It might not work for everyone but I leave the potty in the living room for easy access and having another kid, I cant sit in the bathroom with her.

Step 2

 Potty Time Sheet- I made a chart on our white board to chart the times of when she uses the potty. The green are accidents or the diaper she still wears at nap/bedtime but the red are the times she has gone. This should help you establish a pattern so when you take PT outside the house you will have an ideal when your child might need to go.

Step 3

The friend that gave me the idea's chart. (She got the idea from here)

The Sticker Chart- Make a chart with categories for the stickers, such as number 1, number 2 and dry all day.

Step 4

Being a big kid- When she goes potty I let her pick a sticker and place it on the chart all by herself. (Keep the chart in plain view of the child so they will be reminded)

Step 5

The Treat- Most people say they use M&M's and I tried chocolate chip cookies but after 5 cookies in a couple hours I had to re-think that plan. 
I now use Swedish fish or ANIMAL cookies. (no chocolate, less sugar and she loves them just as much) 
Treats are treats to kids so I advise starting a healthy alternative to M&M's. 

Step 6
Be Excited- Because of "my" excitement Heaven is now excited when she goes and says things such as "IT'S WORKIN MOMMA" and "I DID IT, HIGH FIVE".

Heaven is still in a diaper at nap/bedtime but I'm thinking of some training panties as I feel the diapers set us back and pull ups are pretty much the same thing. I can tell you by following these steps and staying consistent w/ taking potty breaks you WILL see success. Were still on week 1 but she has made some great progress (15 pees in the potty since Wednesday night and NO accidents yesterday or today so far) and I'm getting ready to say good bye to her diapers forever. I hope these tips can help other parents with stubborn children.