Letter V

Since Valentines Day is coming up and this week was the letter V, we combined them.

The Love Book

I folded paper to make a book, cut out hearts and pictures of the family.

Glued the hearts on each page of the book.

Wrote an I above the hearts and glued the pictures of family members

Then we filled in the names to match the pictures.

The Love Book

Candy Hearts/Melting

I used food coloring to make different colored water

Filled the tray I bought from the dollar section at Target with candy hearts

Poured the water over the hearts

Froze them

Then she had to melt them to get the candy out.

Making Cookies

I spread home-made oatmeal cookie dough on a sheet and baked it. After it cooled Heaven used the cutters from Target to make different shapes.


The cookies

Home-made Activities

I made 2 sheets by drawing hearts and coloring them. I then gave her candy to count and sort.

Counting to 10 and colors

Find the color

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