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Professional Kitchen Scissors and Poultry Shears by Le Gusto

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The Product

Professional Kitchen Scissors and Poultry Shears by Le Gusto - Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears – Multi-Purpose Cooking Tool for Chicken, Meat and Fish - eBook Included 

These ultra-sharp kitchen shears make a great addition to any kitchen. The sturdy blades make cutting raw meat effortless and these great things are multi-purpose. If you aren't a meat eater they work great on cutting bread as well. Aside from using them to help cut food, they come with a design that makes cracking nuts or opening certain lids a breeze as well as a bottle opener! 

They come with a protective case and an E BOOK. The design is stylish so it will look great in any kitchen. 
More about the product
  • Designed to Perform – Sharp & Sturdy enough to effortlessly remove backbone for spatchcocked turkey
  • Offers dexterity for snipping herbs or cutting off the roots of vegetables in a breeze
  • Gives you more control & accomplishes many cumbersome kitchen tasks while reducing the level of mess
  • Serrated edge helps get a firmer grip on the slippery food items
  • Slice Bread or Pizza, Cut Scales or Fins off a Fish or Shred a Cabbage
  • Handy for cracking some nuts and people even use it as a shell cracker
  • Pop the top of a beer bottle or easily open screw caps
  • Made up of top-quality food-grade stainless steel that has high corrosion resistance and is entirely safe for the health of your family
  • Ergonomically designed handles go easy on the hand and ensure comfort
  • Protective Case helps you store them safely and carry along in a bag without the risk of damaging any other belongings
  • Performs equally well for other everyday tasks – like cutting papers or cardboards – so get 1 for your kitchen and 1 for other tasks & maintain high levels of hygiene
  • Dishwasher safe, however, we recommend hand-washing for best results
  • Sturdy yet lightweight – eliminates the risk of fatigue


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