MAANGE Eyelashes

Adventures in Potty Training

This has been a NIGHTMARE. Heaven knows that she is supposed to go on the potty and not take of her diaper, but she doesn't care.  She refuses to go on the potty even w/ stickers or rewards. Just yesterday I found her in TJ's room poo'n on the floor (not good).

            (yes she climbed IN it!!!)

I have been working w/ her since 13 months and she is almost 2 and wants nothing to do w. it. I wish she came w/ instructions for what to I keep hearing they will go when ready but I know she is ready!!
 As soon as she uses the bathroom she takes her diaper isn't very
Not to mention I cant wait to only have 1 in diapers but at this rate TJ could be trained before her :)


Terry said…
Potty daughter is going for the gold on this one...she refuses!! I am embarrassed to say she is 3 1/2!! So,don't worry!! there is time!
Free2bMommy said…
How did I freaking miss this??!! This is classic!!! Love it and feel better for finding Bean playing in the toilet!! Love it!!! I love her! Girl your hands are full for life!!!