MAANGE Eyelashes

April 4th

This year April 4th was a big day here at the house. It's TJ's 1st Easter and also John and I's 2nd Anniversary. (Yay Us). It's been a GREAT day so far, even went shopping w/ no meltdowns. The Easter bunny brought some clothes and new shoes for the kids. Heaven got a set of golf clubs and JJ got a speaker for his ipod Nano. As we speak the hubby is in the kitchen making us some homemade chicken soup.
(I'm feeling under the weather) So Happy Easter everyone and Happy Anniversary to the hubby :)

I almost posted to Turns out daddy isn't a fan of the golf clubs after Heaven tried to hit his TV so now she isn't very happy :)

(cookies for breakfast)
(woke up happy as can be)
(moms Easter bunny)
(good enough pic for me)

(cutest little girl I know)