MAANGE Eyelashes


Heaven and I have been working on her colors. We started w/ purple b/c Barney and her blankey are both purple.

What I do:

I bought a case of paint that has 8 colors. Each week I have Heaven paint a picture using the color we choose. (Purple this week)

We then walk around the playroom and find other things that are the color of the picture.

After a couple days of doing this, Heaven can now put the color w/ the word.


mama2lilev said…
That is awesome! I love purple, it's my favorite!
Lion Rampant said…
I thought my little boy loved Barney until he saw someone dressed up as him at the mall and nearly ran a mile.
crisc23 said…
LOL so far she has been ok as long as we are w/ her. I was sure she wasn't gonna like Santa but she surprised
Holly said…
What a great way to learn her colors and you can tell sh e enjoys the game . Love to share in it