MAANGE Eyelashes

Earth Day 2010

Now that Heaven is old enough I thought it was a great year to start teaching her about Earth Day.

What We Did:

We have Pizza once a week here so there is always a pizza box on hand. I took off the top of the box b/c it's clean and let Heaven paint using the color of the week.

Next we got an idea from a friend to plant using a milk jug so I looked up instructions and found a new blog. Thanks to the blog Reading with Hannah Heaven and I learned how to plant w/ milk containers.

Take an empty jug...

Cut out the side...

I used small seeds so I put them on a napkin.. poke holes in the bottom of the jug for drainage...

Then we went outside and filled it w/ dirt..

So hopefully it works and we grow some more Chives

Make sure you check out Reading With Hannahs blog


Christine said…
Very cute ideas! I'll have to remember them for when my daughter is just a bit bigger. :)