MAANGE Eyelashes

Family Picture Curse

I'm not sure why we cant ever get a nice picture. This has always been a problem, even before the little ones were born. Now that we have 2 kids under 2 to add in the picture, it has been a mess.

This is our 1st Family picture. Now I could be here all day telling you what I think is wrong w/ it but I'll save us time. I've been told I looked like Britney Spears little sister (not even and I was even asked once if JJ was my little brother. I'm not sure if the sun is in JJ's eyes or he just isn't a fan of the random man I asked to take the picture. The 3 of us laugh about the picture cause no one would have thought the next year I would be the lady standing behind This was Fathers Day of 07 and we've went to the Zoo every year since then.

I had to hold JJ in this picture so he would stop John looks like he's over the pic and my niece is in it so it's not "just the family" not to mention I look super pale (thank you pregnancy)

Obviously this one speaks for itself....Poor JJ has TJ's fingers in his ear.....lmao

 By Christmas we gave up on trying to have both my husband and I in the picture. My kids look extremely sad and I wish the Dora backpack wasn't in the picture.
I'm so ready to go out and buy a nice camera only cause I refuse to pay for pictures that will probably look like
But the one thing that stays the same in all of them is I "just keep smiling"


Rachel said…
Why don't you go to a photographer's studio and have your family pic taken? :) That way you have more time to organize your pose :)
crisc23 said…
Lol, my husband refuses to take them to get them done professionally w/out knowing how the kids will behave. For some reason my son refuses to smile during picture time
Melissa said…
Hi! Glad to be partying with you!

This is too funny! I want to put together a development of our family pictures now, too. This was a great idea for a post!

Hope to see you!