MAANGE Eyelashes

Friday night w/ JJ...

JJ got here at his usual 6pm for the weekend so I had a few things lined up waiting for him. After a long speech about how he doesn't like Chives, he wanted to plant his seeds (buzzy seeds)

Heavens still hasn't done anything  so I hope I did it (how hard can it be to grow a dollar plant from Target?)

Once he was done the practice cake and cupcakes for the little ones party were done. Now before I post these pics I will say NO the final cake will not look like this..haha I wanted to try some different things w/ the icing.  JJ asked to help but I think it was more so he could keep licking the cupcakes..

(Remember NO the cake will NOT look like this!!! haha)

Now I have a 10 yr old on a sugar high at almost 9pm..but I will say though it looks crappy it tasted GREAT..LOL

 (Heaven enjoying them)