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I'm THAT mom

When my little cousin was a toddler, she was pretty spoiled rotten. I remember being 16 and going to Target w/ her and her mom (my cousin). Half way through the store my cousin headed down the toy isle and bought the baby a toy b/c she was trowing a fit.When we got to the check out lane the baby FREAKED out when the toy was being paid for and I swore that would never be my kid. I remember judging my cousin that day on her "mothering skills" and was convinced she was the reason why her child was acting that way.

I thought of all this as I was taking Heaven out of the car to go shopping today. I was going to let her walk like a big girl and she immediately went "limp" and started screaming at the top of her lungs. I picked her up and she started swinging her arms.

My husband never does good when Heaven does this so the first thing he says is "I'm not going in if she's acting like this" now this might not of been a big deal but her "acting like this" stopped me from going OUT to eat already this week. We were going shopping, I didn't care if I made everyone in the store mad. How can something so small control everything you do?

I tell my husband to just grab TJ cause of course he's super easy and he leaves me. I'm standing outside the store w/ Heaven laying on the ground twisting and turning, throwing her little arms and screaming as loud as she can. I tried to put her in the cart but she was tossing her self back so I had to take her out.

I finally cant take standing outside w/ her acting like this so I go in the store, head to the toy isle, and give her a Princess ball. After that she was GREAT, I walked around and did all my shopping. We get to the dreaded check out lane and it comes time to give up her Elmo potty book and princess ball. Usually the cashier is always understanding , scans it and hands it back to Heaven. Today the cashier hated her job and I guess wanted to hear my child scream b/c she made sure she took her time to the point I had to ask my husband for the keys cause everyone in the store could probably hear her.

I guess my point is..don't be so quick to judge the next time you see a toddler tripping out in the store, cause the next thing you know that can be your kid..hahaha At this point I don't think Super Nanny can even help me but I'm open for suggestions on Toddler Training!!

(this is what she does)


mama2lilev said…
I have been there! I think every mom at one point in time has been in the store with a screaming kid! Before kids I too looked at moms like it was their fault and wished they would do something with their child but now I know that it happens to everyone! These days when I see it happening to other moms I make it a point to smile really big at them and sometime I even in passing tell them I have been there too!
Alli said…
Poor Hev ..Or I guess poor you and John.
Mary said…
She's a pro! Notice how carefully she lowers herself to the floor before going into full blown fit. lol I think she took lessons from my little one!

We've all been there. Hang in, it will get better. Sending {{{hugs}}}