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Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk 2010

We began our journey at 5am this morning. It was super cold (45 degrees) and to make it better it was raining. My husband and I agreed no matter we would remain in a good mood. On the way there we had got lost like usual but John remained calm the whole time.

I thought w/ Heaven having to get up at that early that she would be in a crappy mood but her and TJ were GREAT. I had packed some stuff "just in case" I needed it to calm them down but they never made a peep. I think they were taking everything in. They don't get out much so I could see how this could be overwhelming for them.

(this balloon was a life saver)

When we got there, we went strait to the registration tent. I just want to add for anyone who has never walked before..Registration is SUPER easy. We walked right up, handed them the forms and money, and were done.

(this was when we 1st arrived before the walk)

Over 1,000 people attended. We were in the front of the walk...

and once I looked back....
There was a Sea of people coming..

Everything was going good up until I seen what was ahead of me..
Yup we had to cross it. Not only was I scared to death cause I hate bridges but this was a Historic Bridge so you know it's old. John tells me I have to cross it and offers to hold my As I'm walking across the old boards I feel them moving and all I can think about was the rushing water under me. At that point I watched the peoples steps in front of me so I could see what boards were moving. After for ever we finally made it off that bridge..

Funny thing is my kids were great but the people who were in front of us the whole time, that we couldn't seem to pass, had a super cranky 8 month old. So the whole walk we heard crying just glad it wasn't my kids. At one point Heaven even yelled "NOO STOP CRYIN"

45 degrees, rain and an hour later w/ no meltdowns we finished the walk!!!!

 Once we were back in the park they had a snack tent so Heaven was in Heaven when she got to have a "whole" banana.

TJs camera shy and wasnt feeling "after"

It was a great day even w/ the rain. If you haven't walked I encourage you too do so. It only took an hour, registration was a breeze, and it's for a GREAT cause!!

This has been my husband since we got home
Shh lets not tell


Free2bMommy said…
I love MSABC!!! I worked for the American Cancer Society in the events department for almost 4 years and this was one of my favorite events!

Great pics!