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My 1st Award and Some Hugs

I received my 1st Award today *YAY*  This is "blog hug award" from Mrs.Muffins and I received it from Christina from Diary of a Mom.

The rules for this award are:
One: Tell us about a memorable hug you’ve had. It can be a person, pet, whatever…
Two: “Hug” at least one other blogger or as many as you like.

My Hug

My memorable hug comes from Heaven Leigh. I'll never forget the 1st time she ran up to me yelling "MOMMY" and wrapped her little arms around me like she hasn't seen me in months. I feel like she's growing up when she calls me "mommy" or "mom"

I'm Hugging





All the blogs I follow are great!!


Mama Christina said…
Awwww :-) baby hugs are the BEST!
MaksiTaksi said…
Well thats a very nice award!

Hug for you. :))
Rachel said…
aaaaw! i love hugs! the most recent one I got was from my male friend, whom I'm crushing on. It strangely felt platonic (I thought I'd feel butterflies in my stomach) but it was very reassuring.