MAANGE Eyelashes

Nature Walk Thursday

Today here in Michigan it will be 83 degrees!!! With that said Heaven has been more out of control than normal (Molars) so I took her out for a Nature walk. I gave her a bag and we went out back (there's an acre of land so we don't leave the yard)

We didnt get to far after see seen the "wellow flowers" so she stopped to collect for a while.
While Heaven was picking some flowers I found us a friend in the old fire pit...

 We have lots of FROGS in the backyard... so I put him in the bag (no I didnt zip it ) so Heaven could see it.

After we looked at him and prob scared him to death I set him free

Little Heaven was pretty sad at that point and just sat there waiting for him to come back out.

  I have so many creatures and critters around my home so I'm sure we will find something next week.


RealMommy365 said…
We love nature walks!

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