MAANGE Eyelashes

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Wendy said…
LOL - I hate when Mother Nature does that - that is the problem with Spring don't know what you'll get. I have two 4/22 and 5/12 and it's a crapshoot!

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Stacey said…
My oldest's birthday is in mid February...the weather has been different every year for his party (for 9 years). Hot, cold, rainy, snowing...drives me crazy!

Yay for backup plans!
jayayceeblog said…
Mother Nature sucks!!! We were throwing my granddaughter's 1st birthday party - with at least 50 people coming - and the day before there was a blizzard. The roads were closed and no one could even get through. We had a ton of food, I had made a 3-tiered clown cake and decorated dozens of hand and footprint cookies with her name on them. The next day about 15 people with 4-wheel drives made it through to help celebrate.

A magician sounds great!!!
Lori said…
I don't like it when the weather doesn't work out for me! I'm hoping for sunny and warm in a couple of weeks while we are at the beach for seven days... we'll see!

I think the kids will love the magician!
Free2bMommy said…
You cant go wrong with magic!! Good luck with the weather! Sometimes I wish I could punch the weather in the face! hahaha!!