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Rainy Day Fun

While TJ was napping and Heaven was beyond bored we had some craft time. Super easy, no mess to clean up, and only takes 10 minutes., choose color or B&W and print the page up.

 You will need:
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • a toilet paper tube
  • Glue or Tape (I used tape)
(Directions are on the site)

After you print it up, color it....

Cut it out and tape or glue it to the roll...
and your done..


Adriana said…
awww this is so cute. I cant wait till my little guy is big enough to do fun stuff like this.
(stopping by from SITS)
AudaciousTori said…
This is adorable your kids are beautiful keep blogging and do well

I cant wait to have kids, not quite ready though
Iva said…
that is so cute!!! I'm going to try that with my little man, he is 3 and I think would like putting it together ;)
crisc23 said…
Thanks guys :) and your 3yr old I'm sure would love it!!
magicdarts said…
Hi thanks for visiting my blog - we're always struggling to come up with rainy day ideas for our little 4 year old lad, trouble is my craft skills are worse than his!