MAANGE Eyelashes

*Sheet Art*

Heaven loves to color, and my fridge isn't big enough for all her pretty art work. I'm always thinking of new ways to entertain her so when I was making JJ's bed, I got a fab idea.

JJ's sheet was white so it didn't match his blanket not to mention it wasn't a fitted sheet or the size for his bed. We went shopping yesterday so we could buy him a new one so I stole his old one.

What I Did:

Take a old white sheet and spread it on the ground. 
Tape the corners so the sheet stays in place

Use crayons, paint, or markers...

And you can make LOTS of pretty art work. 

I figure I can just pull the sheet out whenever the kids want to color. Should make it easier than finding a spot for all her papers.  It will be our new art sheet :)'s also good for bigger kids