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Tackle it Tuesday

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

 My Project


It was over crowed and cluttered

I didn't have a curtain for the window
Not to mention it wasnt very child proof

What I Did:

1st I bought a curtain then my OCD made me organize the rack accourding to toys..
They have a spot for :dress up play, baby doll clothes, top shelf is dolls, blocks and hard puzzles are on the side, Dora shelf then the rest are games.  I organize this shelf one to many times a day.

I moved the shelf away from the light and went through and gave a lot of the toys they dont play w/ to a woman from and then donated the rest to Purple Heart.

I then moved the ball pit upstairs to Heavens room and filled it w/ stuffed animals and put the other balls in the pit above this pic.
Now my OCD can agree the room is nice and


Free2bMommy said…
Awesome! I love the before/after pics!! The pics with the blanket curtain and the kiddo reaching for the switch made me laugh!! Its like my house! The "before" pics that is!