MAANGE Eyelashes

Tackle it Tuesday

This week is operation ANTS!!! I have the a problem going on here. Ever since I moved in my house last Summer it has been the Twilight Zone around here.

From the big creatures that are gutsy enough to come out in the middle of the day
(Don't be alarmed that's just a Raccoon not a baby Bear..hahah)

To the crazy bee's and wasp I had. They would drop out of the sky and die out of nowhere

But now I have BLACK ANTS!!!

It's gross and I cant stop them!!! As of today I haven't seen any alive but I need a new product cause this crap does NOT work

It has been quite funny though I must say, watching a 2 year old play w/ an ant..check out the videos

Round 1

 Round 2


Jen R said…
Try cinnamon (sp)... they hate it. I lined the corners of my house with it and they would turn the other way!
Jenelle said…
We've had ants before and tried all the at home remedies like pepper, cinnamon, baby powder, etc. with no success. We finally got rid of them with Terro ant poison. Great stuff! For your house---not the ants. :)
Stephanie said…
I was just reading up on how to solve our ant problem. I found this site that had some tips...haven't tried them yet, but I do wish you the best of luck in getting rid of them!
Sara Cart said…
We had the problem. We actually used powdered laundry detergent along the perimeter of our basement and kitchen. We didn't see too many more ants after that. They take the toxic detergent to the nest and bye-bye ants.
MaksiTaksi said…
EEEWW! Black Ants!! How do you get rid of them?

Take care.