MAANGE Eyelashes

Things I love Thursdays


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With that said I <3....

When TJ isn't sick and unhappy

When Heaven keeps this look off her face...

When my husband puts the garbage away so this guy isn't at my door...

Trying to make my kids all take a picture

That's it for this week, stay tuned :)


MaggieK said…
We had a very similar looking guy in our garbage the other night.

The sick baby picture of TJ is adorable...even though he is sick. I hope he isn't sick today so that you can Love your Thursday.
Mrs. Sanchez said…
This was completely unexpected and made me laugh. Oh my gosh, your little girl's look, I love it. I'm sure she will as a teenager too, right? ;)

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crisc23 said…
@ Maggie this thing is so gutsy he comes on in the daylight..I'm not a fan of furry things like TJ's feelin better I finally broke that fever.

@Mrs.Sanchez..LOL I see that face EVERYDAY. The older she gets the worse it is. Hopefully it's just 1 LONGGGG