MAANGE Eyelashes

*Wordless Wednesdays*

It's my little mans 1st Birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!


My last baby is now a toddler =(

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JDaniel4's Mom said…
Happy Birthday! What a beautiful little boy.
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing! Your little baby is so adorable! Happy WW!
Wendy said…
Happy 1st Birthday! He is a cutie.

Enjoy him, these yrs just fly you know, my youngest just turned 6! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

Enjoy the day and make is special!
~Shelley~ said…
Happy Birthday to your baby boy!! What a cutie :)
MaggieK said…
Great pictures...Happy Birthday
Mommy Lisa said…
So cute. And I had to comment for a few reasons.

1) I now follow you and loved your comment to me.

2) I too am a mom to step-kids - we have a soon to be high school graduate girl and 16 year old boy that live with us every other week.

3) My four year old sounds JUST like your two year fun.

Thanks for finding me!

JDaniel4's Mom said…
Thanks for stopping by. I would love it if you would join my new community on BlogFrog called Mom Loop. Here is the link:
BK said…
Happy Birthday! May he be blessed with love, great health and happiness.
Ron Cooper said…
How they grow! Nice photos.

I have a blog with inspirational writings. Stop by any time.

My latest postings are, “Smiles,” “Spring,” “A Feast,” “Love Lifts,” “Wake Up to Serve” and “Soul-itude.”
Jen said…
Awwww! Happy 1st birthday! Oh-it goes by way too fast. I'm feeding my 4 mth old while i type- growing too fast! Savoring every moment! My other baby turns 8 tomorrow!