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Baseball Drama

So today was JJ's 1st game ever playing Baseball. The whole baseball saga has been bad from the beginning. I already had 1 to many things going on when at the last moment it was thrown on me. I said from the get go this wasnt and could not become my problem.

Well of course it did. When I dragged 2 kids under 2 out to take him to practice and sit w/ him, when they had no naps, his coach came up to me and said "if they don't come to practice, they cant play"

He doesn't live w/ us yet so I have no idea how many practices he missed.

Today I am guilt-ed into taking him to his 1st game b/c his mom had other plans and his dad worked so he would've been there alone. I was told his game was at 2:15 but since it was raining in the A.M I called the coach to make sure it was still on. He informed me I had to be there at 1:30

(he looks like he loves playing, hu?)

The kids were sleeping so I left them w/ my niece and thought it would be a quick trip.

JJ was super excited to play and then told me how he has missed 5 I'm thinking about what the coach told me. He says  his mom said the coach never called and told her about it...

We get there and I notice him and number 4 aren't practicing w/ the team...

Then I'm watching his team play  inning after inning while he is sitting on the bench...

At that point I text'd his mother this picture and told her  this was the saddest thing I've ever had to watch and I will not do it again...

It was so sad to see him have to sit on the bench his 1st game ever playing a sport b/c of something he couldn't control.

The last 2 innings the coach finally let him in to play, so I was happy to get some pictures on such a bad day for him.

I'm sure he will remember his 1st baseball game forever. So sad =(


MaggieK said… sad - at least he got to play even if it was just the last couple of innings.