Convo's about God

Growing up I never had a certain religion I just believe in God. Not sure why I do, I just do.
My husband says God is not real and every time he does I cringe.

Me- " If God isn't real where did people come from"
John- " we grew from the organisms in the water cause they sat for so many years"

( picture this serious conversation)

Me- " well than where did water come from?"
John- " something happened in the Solar System and it made Earth"

( hard to believe were 2 educated

Me- "well than where did the Solar System come from"
John- "I don't know the answer to that one"

John- " when you die, your dead you don't go anywhere, and you don't visit (spirits) people"
Me- "then how come when people ALMOST die, they see the LIGHT"

( total quietness)

Me- " if our kids ask if God is real you tell them he is, you don't have to explain you just say yes!"

Is it bad that I would want him to lie against what he believes so my kids believe in God? And for the record I like to believe the people that have passed are looking over me.


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Mrs. Claus said…
Everyone has a "God-shaped" hole in them that longs to be loved by the one true God.

This is what I believe. This is possibly why you believe and you don't know why.

However, if this is not what your husband believes it will be hard for him to "fake it" with your children. But they will choose their own path when the time is right, even if you both don't agree.

Love your little girl's name, BTW!