Monday Minute- Memorial Day

1 - Have you or a family member joined the military?
My uncle was (air force)

2 - Have you or a family member served his/her country in times of war?
No but my Grandma was in France and saved by Americans during WW2

3 - What's your favorite BBQ food?
Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon...who doesn't like some juicy watermelon when it's hot out

4 - Do you fart in public?
NOOO, but my husband and kids do, and there have been times my husband has did it and walked away so it looks like me. My mom taught us to leave the

5 - What's the one question that if it shows up on a Monday Minute, you refuse to take part?
Nothing I'm pretty open and honest and not to mention don't really care what people might think of me =)


Great questions and answers! I have never been to Monday Minute. I will have to check it when I can. Have a great week!
J.Anderson said…
I am a new follower from Follow me back Tuesday! Hope you visit as well. Have a great day.
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