MAANGE Eyelashes

Post it Tuesday


You are above me on PINT Tuesday even though we are buddies and I follow you already! LOL!

Glad the Magic Show was a hit and sorry Moon bounce lady was a total B!!!!

The important part was the kids loved your plan B and maybe next time it'll just be the plan A!!!!!
Christy said…
Totally agree ... customer service should always come first! Glad your kids enjoyed plan B!
I am Harriet said…
Rained on your Moonwalk? YUCK!

Have a great Tuesday!
jayayceeblog said…
Magic is so much better anyway - bet the party was fun!!!
Lori said…
I can't belive they would even want to come in the rain!! How would that even work??

Glad the party was a hit!
I'm with you. Today people cannot afford to be rude. But hey, you can't hide from them all.
Meeko Fabulous said…
I totally just busted out into a rendition of Don't Rain on my Parade!! LoL :)
crisc23 said…
Ladies I was like a
Her website said if you cancel the "day of or the day before" your charged. I called her 4 days before.

When I ordered the moonwalk it was 70 and sunny as I watched it went from 40% to 70% to 90% chance of rain w/ thunder at that point I had to do something. She was so mean and I held it together w/out using a swear word and pretty much told her how it was gonna be handled