MAANGE Eyelashes

Things I love Thursdays

I love....

How small Heaven used to be

But how much she has grown..Happy 2nd Birthday Heaven!!

The 1st time I held her...

When she stopped eating paper...

When she used to fall asleep in her high chair..

and stopped pullin out the diapers..

Most of all I love her kisses =)

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MaggieK said…
What a great post - she is adorable (even when she is chewing on paper or taking out all the diapers).

Happy 2nd birthday
Dawna said…
I love your list today! I want to do the same...maybe I will tomorrow. It is awesome.

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy following your blog. So much so that I am sending an award your way!

Come check it out and congrats!
Kerri said…
My 20 month old loves to pull out the diapers....and he loves to pull out the loaf of bread and squish it up.

Love this post!
Totally adorable!! Thanks for linking up :)