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To My Sister

Well Nicki today is you and Kevin's special day. I still have yet to get a call from you letting me know you will be married today. Funny thing when I found out Sunday you were engaged I didn't think that was the last time we'd be hanging out before you got married.

So for not calling me I will pay you back by posting this to your Facebook so the 112 mutual friends we have can read along as Dont worry it's not mean or is it? j/k

I'm not sure if I'm happy, sad, or freaked out about this. I personally would have liked to know Kevin a little better before he becomes such a big part of my niece and nephews life but in the end it is your choice.

I feel like I'm on some Reality show I think it was called "my fat obnoxious fiance" or something and the chick had to convince her family to support the fact she was marrying some disgusting guy that no one knew. KEVIN not sayin your any of them things cause from the 2 hours I've known you, you seem like a really good guy. It just doesn't seem real to me. Pretty big SURPRISE effect there guys.

Marriage is hard work, hard, hard, hard work. Kevin you know this. There will be up's and down, you'll question your marriage, think about smothering one another in their sleep but it's one of the best feelings ever. When you have that special person and say them vows it's a life changing experience.

Besides thinking WTF are they doing, in a way I WANT you to have this. You should get to be miserable like the rest of the married people out there..lmfao Marriage is a whole different ball game baby girl so get your game face on =)

I wish you to the best of luck, dont ever go to bed angry cause you will just wake up pissed, and no matter what WORK IT OUT. I love you guys and Kevin I dont know if I should be welcoming you or feeling sorry that you are now in our family..lmfao

I'm sure you'll look BEAUTIFUL Nicki and congrats to you both!!


Free2bMommy said…
Great honest advise! Funny too!!

I tagged you! Check it out!

Bob West said…
I enjoyed you blog! Very insightful!
Hopefully, you'll get a lot out of mine.
God Bless, Bob West