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Twice Owned Tuesday Party


This week I was SUPER excited w/ my finds. My dishwasher broke a day before the big party but my friends had an extra one they gave us for FREE

It's nothing super fancy but looks way better than the old one I had w/ black at the top. Not to mention my dishes are A LOT cleaner w/ this one... and when I opened it up I had another nice surprise..

Haven't decided what I will do w/ these but I def love em.

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Oh and following you, I feel like such a jerk. When you first commented, you didn't have a blog yet, but now you do and I love it. Sorry, Crystal!
Of course the dishwasher goes out right before the party, that sounds like something that would happen to me, lol. That's so nice of your friends to give you a new one!

Bonus on the salt and pepper shakers, love those!

Have a great day,
Ann Marie
Thanks for linking up to Twice Owned Tuesday. What a deal, how nice of your friends.