While on my vacation Maggie from My Mommy Adventure was A SUPER cool friend and awarded me another award!! Check her out if you haven't yet, her button is on my side bar =)

By accepting this award, I have to post 10 random things about myself. (and so do you once I pass it)

1. I never go to the same hair dresser.

2. Dirty Dancing is one of my fav movies

3. I started a bucket-list

4. I sleep w/ a purple eye mask on my face

5.  I'm the younger sister

6. I say things like "dude" and "your mom"

7. I hardly ever watch tv

8. I would go in to a deep state of depression if I didn't have the internet

9. I'm on vacation and been up since 5 TX time (6 Detroit) Blogging

10. Hello my name is Crystal and I'm a social networking addict

I will be passing this on to Boobies, Babies, and a Blog

Be sure to check her out!!!