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This wonderful award came from Kelly @ Mommy's Kicking Cancer's Ass. Kel is a 30 yr old momma of 2 boys who has been showing Cancer it has picked the wrong momma to mess w/. You can find her button on my sidebar be sure to check her out. Thank You for the award =)

Pass it on to 5 other bloggers and share 7 things about yourself







7 Things About Me

I hate Seafood

Currently I am locked in a bedroom so I can type this w/ out interuptions

I love wife beater tank tops I wear them everyday

I layer my tank tops

I think of the computer allll the time

I want to go camping w/ no kids

I wake up EARLY


Thanks so much for this award. I sincerely appreciate it. Again thank you.
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for thinking of me! :) It's so funny because I think of the computer all the time too! My husband calls it my boyfriend! LOL
Kelly said…
Your welcome :)

No my kids did not have a football last night.

I love tank tops too! I want to go camping w/ no kids as well. We're planning a camping trip w/ friends of ours and all the kids. Hopefully we can squeeze in an adults only trip!!

I am so addicted to my laptop. Hubby complains about it but hello he bought it for me knowing how bad I am w/ it. It's his fault!
Anonymous said…
thank you so much for the award...and i think you deserve it 10 fold :D
we have some of those LIKES in common...i get up every morning @ 5:00 to go to work...turn the alarm off weekends and STILL get up @ 5!!!
i spend lots of home time alone and the C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R. is my friend :D hugs to the kiddos :D