Today I received not 1 but 2 awards from a great blogger named Cheri from Chego 2 the kitchen

  1. thank the people who gave the award.
  2. tell seven things about myself we may not already know
  3. pay it forward by nominating 15 fabulous bloggers I’ve recently discovered. 

7 things about myself

I only eat the blue pack of Skittles
I'm a Comcast customer
Hersey bars are my FAV
I cant really cook
I worked at a preschool
I'm scared of bridges
I also worked in a sex toy store

sorry I could only get 8 of you today and the 8 get both awards =)


Tia said…
Congrats on your 2 awesome awards!! And thanks so much for passing them on to me!
Simply Stacie said…
Thanks so much for the awards!!
I'm following you back! Thanks for the follow :)
Congrats on the awards!!!
Free2bMommy said…
Thanks! I feel so special! YAY!! haha! I know im a big ass dork!

I love the new layout with the pics with you and the kiddos! Cute!!!

Cassie said…
Thanks!!! I agree with Dee, your new layout rocks.
My fave 80's band is still my fave band. Love me the Bon Jovi!!!

Happy Friday!

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner