Checkin off the Bucket List

While in TX we were able to leave the kids w/ Johns parents and head to Turner Falls OK. I had a few things I needed to check off my bucket list =)

Standing in water where I cant see my feet..check

Sitting in water that I'm not sure whats swimming around in...check

Climb scary stairs up the side of a mountain..check

Standing on on a cliff looking at a waterfall...check

Sticking head under waterfall..check (will add it causes an ear ache)

Hiking up mountians in the wilderness to take pretty pictures..check

Pictures do not do this place justice it was AMAZING


sara said…

ear ache...ouch
Kelly said…
Great pics! Thanks for following :) Cancer does suck!!! And i will kick it's ass baby!!! Thanks for taking my button :) I'll come back and grab yours, I'm getting yelled at by hubby. We're getting ready to leave and I'm still on the laptop...ops!!!
Salt said…
Wow that place is gorgeous! I've never done well with sitting in water when I don't know what's swimming around in it with me. You are brave.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
What amazing shots! It looks wonderful.
Dazee Dreamer said…
Beautiful Pictures. The standing in water that you don't know what is swimming around tho, scary.
Free2bMommy said…
I want to seriously visit this place!!! Gorgeous and we can make the drive!! My husband and I LOOOOVE natural water sources for swimming!!!

I cant wait to show him!
crisc23 said…
@free2be YOU WILL LOVE LOVE LOVE Turner Falls and it will bring up their site, it was absolutely amazing!!