This week we used colored craft sticks to help w/ colors.


Get different colored craft sticks (we got ours from the dollar store)

Pick 2 colors and line them up in rows

and have them put the colors in a pile

Very easy yet fun for them


Jamie said…
what a simple and REALLY good idea! will have to try this one out!
Michelle said…
Oh, I was so lovin this project I forgot to mention that I was visiting from New Friend Fridays!
Michelle said…
Great idea, I actually am always saving up popsicle sticks. Never know when you're going to need them. We usually just do crafts, sometimes paint them. But this is a really fun idea to work with patterns and colors. My two would love this!
Free2bMommy said…
TGIF! You have an award on my blog to pick up!!

Cakeblast said…
I love simple suggestions for creating teaching tools - thanks for the idea and demo. I am a new follower from New Friend Fridays! http://cakeblast.com